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Howard Seeley
Florence Sunderland
Warren Cain
Julia Murray
Allan Patten
Leonard Rushton
Edith Sutherland
Richard Morton
Edith White
F. E. Yoakum
Rebecca Scheftleman
Edwin Bruner
Vega Brugman
Guy Goodwin
Augusta         Wackerbarth
Lillian Moss
Edna Schaefer
Carrie Fisher
Ellah Gilbert
Louise Mitchell
(Alternate spellings: Schaffer Schafer Leon Brugmaun Seelye Rebeca Gussie )


Fellow-Students of history, another epoch has been enacted. The winter class of nineteen hundred eight has finished its four, or more, years of high school life, and is ready to go out into the cold, cold world to seek its fortune, or to go to some other institution of learning and perhaps study a little and make a little more history.

This is a very serious question, this making of history; it is something we all must do, no matter how hard we try not to. The class of W. '08 has tried to make, or break, brilliant records.

Our fellow classman, Guy Goodwin, was known as a famous football player; Warren Cain, the class president, occupied many responsible positions in the school; Allan Patten entertained the school many times with his beautiful violin playing, as did Howard Seelye with his ready wit. How our hearts have stirred with pride as we listened to the fiery eloquence of Edwin Bruner and Leon Rushton! Richard Morton was the class "shark," and F. E. Yoakum, Jr., the infant prodigy.

The class could also boast of such famous cooks as Lillian Moss and Ellah Gilbert, and such a musician as Florence Sunderland. How we have applauded at the theatrical efforts of Carrie fisher. Vega Brugman, Edith White, Edna Schaffer and Edith Sutherland, were noted for their excellent art work; Rebecca Sheftlemann and Louise Mitchell held up the scholarship end of the class, and with what pride have we seen the violet and lavender represented by August Wackerbarth as she graced the chair as secretary of Ionian.

The class was composed of students coming from many different high schools, but their interests and affections will always be held together by the one word "Polytechnic."

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KAE 2/4/2006