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San Bernardino, California

Indexed by Bobby Title from yearbooks on file in the California Room of the San Bernardino Library.
An * indicates no Senior picture for that student.

Class of 1910

Frances Clare Bracewell Mattie Elizabeth Linfesty
Vernon Mars Brydolf Willliam Richard Linfesty
Roy Emory Burcham Lela Linfesty
Viola Byers Mary Adelaide Linfesty
George Hollinger Clark Maude Edith Linfesty
Lottie Marie Clark Mary Vera Linfesty
Charles H. Davis William Albert Linfesty
J. Raymond Dean Josephine Elizabeth Linfesty
Margretta Dorothy Eadie Charles Linfesty
Geneva Eckart Flagg Ray Roderick Linfesty
Alice Bidwell Fox Roy Warren Linfesty
Ruth Linna Guernsey Blanche Annette Linfesty
Porter Valentine Hanf Frank Wixom Linfesty
Grace Edna Hardy David H. Linfesty
Olla Vernell Harris Mary Elizabeth Linfesty
William Oscar Harris Winfield Merrill Linfesty
Edna Heilemann           Edward Joseph Linfesty
George Raymond Hoagland            Lucille Holbrooke Linfesty
Victor Nevada Hodge Roy Linfesty
Marjorie Hooper Milton Roberts Linfesty
Jacob Loyal Huff Roy A. Linfesty
Jerome Burke Kavanaugh Genevieve Rose Linfesty
Lawrence Howard Keyser Kate Pearl Linfesty
Ivan Larson Mabelle Fern Linfesty

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