The following item is from the Summer 1913 Blue and White, the yearbook of Los Angeles High School.

Alumni Reunion

The year 1913 is a notable one in the history of the Los Angeles High School, for it is the fortieth since the school was founded. For forty years it has been sending forth noble manhood and womanhood that have proved factors for good in almost every sphere of activity and have brought honor and prestige to their Alma Mater. To celebrate this anniversary an Alumni reunion will be held in the latter part of June when graduates of every class from 1875 to 1913 will be present. Active preparations are on hand to make this event a great success . . .

. . . Our school is proud of its alumni. The Alumni Association numbers many hundreds, and the S. '13 class will swell this total by over three hundred more. Below is a list of a few of the hundreds of our alumni of whom we can be justly proud. A glance at the list will show that the Los Angeles High School fits its graduates for successful life in many lines.

Henry O'Melveny, a graduate of '75, is a prominent lawyer of the city.

Marshall Stimson is also a successful attorney of this city.

W. P. James is a judge in Department 1, Los Angeles Court House.

Joe Ford is Deputy District Prosecuting Attorney.

Marco Hellman is Vice-President of the Merchants' National Bank, and one of the leading capitalists of the state.

Leslie Hewitt is a State Senator, and the Harbor Attorney.

Stanley Benedict is in the State Legislature.

Arthur Kinney is President of the Chamber of Commerce.

W. H. Booth was the late President of the Chamber of Commerce, and is one of the leading merchants of Los Angeles.

Dr. Gertrude Taft is a missionary physician in China.

George Black is a successful politician and real estate man.

Gernie Newland is Attorney for the Pacific Electric Railway.

Victor Henderson is the Secretary of U.S.C.

Dr. Eleanor Seymour is resident physician of the Pacific Hospital and is an eminent bacteriologist.

Mary E. Foy is a prominent club woman and suffragist.

Jesse Wickersham is Principal of the San Pedro High School.

Edward S. Pauly is a prominent banker.

Miss Oliver, Miss Howell, Miss Kimble, Miss Belle Cooper, Miss Jones, Mr. Oliver, Miss Burkhalter, Mr. Earle, Miss Pinkham, Miss Stafford, Miss Foshay and Miss Rodenburg of the faculty of our school, are all alumni.

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