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Yearbook of
Polytechnic High School
Los Angeles, California



The third annual Alumni reunion and banquet since the reorganization of that body in 1914 took place at Hamburger's café on the evening of May 18. Mr. Francis was the guest of honor. For the first time in the history of the school the reunion was so large that the Polytechnic cafeteria could not accommodate the alumni. Undoubtedly the very large attendance was due to the fact that all loyal graduates, not only those who were graduated at the time when Mr. Francis was our principal, but also those who have known him as their superintendent, never hesitate to honor him. Mr. Francis brought a message which will long be treasured in the hearts of those who heard him. A touch of sadness, however, prevailed at the banquet, for it will be a long time before he speaks again at an alumni reunion as he leaves soon to take up educational duties in Columbus, Ohio. Without doubt, the reunion of 1916 was one that will long be remembered by Polytechnic graduates.

And now, let us turn our attention to what some of the old "grads" are doing after having severed their immediate connection with dear old Poly High. We are always glad to learn something of their successes and ambitions. They help to inspire us to - well, to become "grads" ourselves.


Earl Lippold, S'15, is working at his father's store.
Winfield S. Hughes is now superintendent of schools in Kuna, Idaho.
Knight Bennett, S'12, contracted for the street lamps at Long Beach.
Edwin Bennett, S'12, is assistant in the Department of Machine Design at Stanford.
Earl Dutton, W'11, is teaching at Franklin High.
Clarence Jay, S'08, is teaching architecture at Poly.
Frank Garbutt, W'14, is in the "movies" with his father.
Leo Anso and Frank Cleaver, both of S'15, are working in the mines at Atolia, California.
William Althouse, '07, is Assistant City Engineer of Glendale.
William Harrison, S'15, is with the Western Wholesale Drug Co.
Walter Brown, W'16, is working for the L. A. Gas and Electric Co.
Lowry Lonquist, president of the W'16 class, is attending Junior college. He may go to the Santa Barbara Normal in September.
Howard Nibecker, S'12, is superintendent of a sea-weed products company at San Diego.
John Keller is now one of the leads in the Lasky picture company.
Marion Duncan and Nicholas Kessler, S'15, are with a motion picture company.
Fran Wilkinson, S'12, is on a citrus ranch at Anaheim.
Arthur Svenson, S'10, is a sugar chemist in Hawaii.
Joe Beeson, S'11, has written a pamphlet on copper deposits in Bingham Canyon, Utah, which was presented to the American Institute of Mining Engineers in New York.
George Ziser, S'10, is an oil chemist in the city.
Gilbert Sly, W'16, is designing for the Miller Carburetor Company.
Edward Stevenson, S'12, is a draughtsman for a local pump company.
Roy Sanford, S'15, is in the art department of a picture company at Culver City.
Robert Murray, S'13, has taken the Beaux Arts prize in New York


May Gates, S'14, is the orchestra director at the Superba theater.
Grace McCormick, S'11, is a professional violinist on the Orpheum circuit.
Eva Dutton, W'11, is supervisor of music in Inglewood schools.
Sarah Crosby, W'13, is a soloist in one of our churches.
Ruth Mitchel, S'12, Ramona Little, S'09, and Kathryn Sanborn, W'12, have finished the music course at Normal.
Electa Felt, S'13, has become a professional soprano soloist.
Pryor Moore, S'11, and Dion Romandy, S'14, are members of the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra.
Harold Walberg, S'08, is a concert violinist and teacher.
Norman McPhail, S'12, is a tenor soloist in St. Paul's Cathedral.
Vincent Jones, S'12, has composed a light opera at L. A. Normal.
Waldemar Falck, S'12, is in the Glee Club at the University of California.
Rocco Denubila, '01, has become an orchestra director.
George Martin, S'10, is a cornet soloist in the University of California Band.
Clarence Mead, S'10, and Frank Ragland, W'08, are members of the Ellis Club.
Robert Cheatham, S'13, Charles Putman, S'10, Marion Duncan, and Harold Lloyd, S'11, have become members of the Orpheus Club.
Burnell Tunison, S'12, Edwin Huse, W'15, and Don Cameron, S'13, are all members of the U. S. C. Glee Club.
Arthur Diederick, S'10, Eugene Diederick, S'13, and Wm. Toolan, S'02, are all professional band men.

A.S.B.O. Presidents

W'09 - Ned Manning, a graduate of Stanford and now in business.
S'09 - John Beck, a graduate of California and now in business with his father.
W'10 - George Hand, now in business.
S'10 - James Patten, a graduate of U.S.C. law school and now practicing law.
W'11 - John Hager, a graduate of Stanford and now engaged in graduate work at Harvard.
S'11 - William Cuzner, S'11, now in business with his father.
W'12 - Tom King, attending an engineering College in Nevada.
S'12 - Norman McPhail, with the Standard Oil Co.
W'13 - Herbert Brown, a student at California.
S'13 - John Vandenburg, at California.
W'14 - Allan Box, at Minnesota University.
S'14 - Harold Cooke, at Santa Barbara Normal.
W'15 - Rubin Jaffe, working for Jevne Company.
S'15 - Ben Rich, now in business in Chicago.
W'16 - Carl Bilger, still at Poly.
S'16 - Alfred Bennett, to be graduated this semester


1906  -  Lawrence A. Lewin    1911  -  Helen Candler
1907  -  Julia Murray    1912  -  Bayard Taylor
1908  -  Howard A. Lewis    1913  -  Herbert Marshutz
1909  -  Raymond Phillips    1914  -  Helen Walker
1910  -  Travis Hutton    1915  -  Arthur Taylor


Frank Taylor,  -  S'14,    now at Stanford
Carl Randau,  -  S'15,    now at Stanford
Herbert Ormsby,  -  S'16,    to be graduated.
Howard Lewin,  -  S'16,    to be graduated.


W'09  -  Nelson Smith    S'13  -  Don Cameron
S'09  -  Jack Clark    W'14  -  Lester Mead
W'10  -  Earl Rollins    S'14  -  Harold Pafford
S'11  -  William Bloeser    W'15  -  Jack Toon
W'11  -  Harford Turner    S'15  -  Francis McClaren
S'11  -  Dwight Vedder    W'16  -  Lowry Lonquist
W'12  -  Sidney Cort    S'16  -  George Klingamon
S'12  -  Bayard Taylor       -   
W'13  -  Walter Stanley       -   


Ruth Kimball, W'09    Hazel Landers, S'11
Helen Mack, S'11    Helen Candler, S'11
Faith Guy, S'12    Mabel Dahl, W'14, to LeRoy Maag, W'12
Helen Rockwell, S'13    Hans Koebig, S'11

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