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for Classes of 1910 to 1917

1910 - Harriet Robbins is in Los Angeles filling the position of secretary of employed officers of the Y.W.C.A. Last December, while she was making a tour through Southern California, she came to Riverside and addressed the G.H.S. student body, urging the girls to pledge themselves as members of the Patriotic League.

1911 - On December 14th, Mr. Ferris Moulton claimed Miss Olive Taylor as his bride. Mr. Moulton is a member of the aviation department, stationed at San Diego. Mrs. Moulton, as instructor of biology at the Girls High School has endeared herself to her students who sincerely extend to her the best of wishes.

1911 - Celine Goethals has spent the last year in Moscow, Idaho, where she has filled the position of teacher of French and Spanish in the State University.

1911 - In a charmingly arranged ceremony, Miss Marian Van Zwalenburg became the bride of Mr. Thomas Gore of Redlands. Mr. Gore is stationed at San Diego in the aviation department.

1912 - Gertrude Clancy, after graduating from Stanford University went East to complete her course at Columbia. She is now teaching History and English in Grant's Pass High School, Oregon.

1914 - Last November Lois Burns married to Ray McMahan. This wedding with its beautiful appointments was celebrated at the home of the bride.

Graduates of G.H.S. who completed their course at the State University this spring include the following:

1912 - Hazel Zumbro has taken her Master's Degree in Letters and Science.

1914 - Blanche Bouteiller has prepared herself as teacher of French during her four years' course.

1912 - Dorothy Daniels has distinguished herself as an oarswoman on the Senior girls rowing team.

1914 - Francyl Zumbro has taken her degree in Letters and Science.

1915 - Mildred Boynton has completed her first year as teacher in the Orange Grammar School.

1916 - On January 10th, Esther McMahan and Luther King were married. This was a beautiful home ceremony. During her school career Miss McMahan devoted herself to dramatics and all school events.

1916 - Among the recent war brides may be numbered Wilda Pentland and Mildred Ross. The latter married to Mr. Charles Wheeler, who is a member of the Field Artillery, stationed at San Diego. Miss Pentland surprised her friends by motoring to Linda Vista and celebrating her wedding there with Mr. Almon Thresher, a member of Company M.

1915 - Doris Moulton and Nydia Jensen are both juniors in the State University, taking work in the college of Letters and Science.

1915 - Wilna Tuell was claimed as the bride of Corporal Wilfred Walkinshaw on February 10th.

1915 - Another of the class of '15 who has been claimed in marriage is Edna Stalder. She recently married Lynn Starrett, a member of the Coast Artillery at San Pedro.

1917 - Luther Fowler is working for the government in the Arsenal at San Francisco.

1914 - Walter Gordon graduated from U.C. in May. During his college career he won some fame as a football player.

1914 - Willard Babcock has completed his course in the College of Agriculture at Berkeley this year.

1911 - Dick Kurrahashi, who won his A.B. in 1917, is now specializing in Agriculture at the University of California.

The following are names of boys who have gone to help "Uncle Sam," in other words laying down their lives at the foot of "Old Glory" and saying in answer to the great summons, "Here we are, take us." They are doing it cheerfully too, so let those of us who remain do our bit cheerfully and well. When the opportunity offers, let us help these, our friends and school mates as best we can, always remembering that "Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friend - or his country."

A more exhaustive list of the brave fellows, appeared in the February number of the Polygraph-Magpie; these are the ones who have gone since that date.

Ewing Stephens, Lieutenant in France
Sheldon Westfall, Kelley Field, San Antonio, Texas
Wendel Rohrer, Ft. Sill, Oklahoma
William Walker, Kelley Field, San Antonio, Texas
J. Lewis, Headquarters, Camp Lewis
Clyde Heaslet, San Diego
Wm. Cook, Palo Alto
C. Dalghren
Elsworth Simpson
Wayne Johnson
Leslie Dynes
M. Davison
Paul Kerrick
Wesley Freeman
F. Gould
A. Gould
Rule Simons, Mare Island
Walther Phelps, Mare Island
Hartley Pierson, Mare Island

Names on Service Flag:

Lawrence Sweet; Paul Torosian; W. Darling; Glen Conley; Guy Shipley; Fred Wheeler; Collier Caldwall; Harry Caldwall; Raymond Corlett; F. Pollock; Almond Thresher; Wayne Johnson; Rose Nelson; R. Bixler; Mr. McEuen; Loren Hopper; Jack Whiting; Roy Gunnerson; Edward Pope; Richard Dole; Julius Anderson; Everett Boynton; George Coombe; Ralph Corlett; Howard Crandall; Vance Cresmer; William Evans; Gaylord Gilliland; Edgar Hewes; Wilbur Ingersol; Lynn Johnson; Earl Kellam; Elliott Polcene; Byron Teale; Clarence Decker; Victor Lyon; Harry Bartee; Emile Benson; David Garcia; Fred Smith

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