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Glendale, California

From Page Fifty of the 1920 Stylus

Class of 1921
(Senior B in 1920)

Senior B

Millicent Alvord Allen Blunt
Irmadean Bowen Edgar Butlin
Hilda Farley Joe Cummins
Margaret Frazee Corwin Dean
Robert Hopping Frances Dryer
Hope Ireland Victor Francy
Dorothy Kramer Ray Lessard
Dorothy Patterson Frank McGillis
Agnes Thaxter Erwin Potts
Muriel Theobold Ray Sanders
Dorothy Woods

Little drops of water,
Little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean
And the pleasant land.

"Best things come in small packages." How true this is. Just think of all the stories you have read and enjoyed, of the pleasures you get from a good song and of innumerable little things that make you happy. Yet how small each is! And in G. U. H. S. the best, but smallest class is the one of 1921.

When we first entered high school, almost four years ago, we were about fifty in number. Now we are only twenty-one, but every one is a "live wire."

Look at the grand stand during any football or baseball game. Our class is there in full force. Go into the gym when a basketball game is being played. Again you will see our whole class. Small in number? Yes. But mighty in PEP.

Our class officers are:

Corwin Dean . . . . . . President
Irmadean Bowen . . . . . . Vice-President
Dorothy Patterson . . . . . . Secretary/Treasurer

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