Los Angeles, California

Alumni Status - Class of Winter 1923

From the
Summer 1923


Sidney Bartlett Ned Wheldon
Holmes Bowers Florence Andrews
William Buffinger Henrietta Brodek
Joseph Cline Elizabeth Crebs
Warren Crowell Dorothea Dellinger
Converse Cole Helen Fitzmier
Luther Fitch Jane Foster
Cyril Francis Daphne Hall
James Palmer Green         Evelyn Lewis
Robert Herman Jean McGowan
David Heyler Alice McKay
Merritt Jergins Helen Miller
Frank Jones Alice Perkins
Herbert Launer Elizabeth Prichard
William Lewis Carolyn Protheroe
William McQuaid Florence Russell
Victor Phillips Maclovia Salido
Wyman Reynolds Dorothy Van Zandt
Keith Scott Naomi Vernice White
Edward Sumner Helen Keller (Manual Arts)
Leo Toyama Phyllis Nelson (Glendale High)
Lenus Venne  


Lucille Harris Robert Clay
Maybelle Medley Willard Galbraith
Marion Norton Ormonde Grier
Katherine O'Sullivan Paul Newby (Berkeley)
Ella May Stevens Harry Horn
Gertrude Brown (Berkeley)         Gladys Spain
Wilbur Blakemore  


Milton Bren Leo Sagal
Roy Fitzgerald Alice Strodthoff
Stanley Richardson       Lona Mosk
Milton Mitchell  


Harriet Ford Norma Wright
Marcia Morton        John Levi


Mary Barnette Alice Peterson
Julia Bogert Lucille Roberts
Gwendolyn Brown        Lilian Silcock
Edna Carlson Veryl Sweeney
Muriel Chelson Pauline Walker
Gertrude Finch Marjorie Wilson
Madalyn Grant Mary Louise Finks
Ruth Ives Bernadine Johantgen
Rose Nielson


Robert Anthony - West American Auto and Fire Insurance
Lloyd Ottomeyer - Fifth Street Store
Harold Cline - Telephone Company
Henry Frank - Citizens National Bank
Marian Immergluck - Advertising Agency
Roscoe Guyot - Merchants National Bank
William Houghton - Standard Oil Company
Seymour Gold - Bank of Italy
Samuel Joseph - California Shelf Company
Reynolds Newton - Bronstein and Lewis
Elsie Hilton - Bullock's
Margaret Kelly - Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company
Madeline Krohn - Office with Father
Doris Thompson - Braodway Department Store
Genevieve Nelson - Bank of Italy
Gertrude Thevenot - Electrical Contracting Company
Alfredda Watson - Civil Service
Jacob Back - Owl Drug Company
Everett Trout - So. Calif. Telephone Company
George Ringo - O. W. Stratton Company
North Young
Stuart Stevenson
William Olson
George Baring
Manual Klein
James Shaver


Maxine Gripe Pearl Stephenson
Marjoire Lucas         


Janice Beck - Art School
Millicent Bradley - L. A. Conservatory of Dramatic Art
Jean Campbell - Teaching Music
Liola Clark - Art School
Hazel Irene Dalton - Teaching Music
Doris Fishburn - Traveling
Ruth Hardy - Assistant to Dentist
Helen Kline - Studying Music
John Chapman - Coaching School
Benjamin Griffith - New Jersey
Frederick Oatman - Coaching School in New York
Alma Hinchcliffe - Correspondence Art Course
Viola Wagner - Traveling

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