Whittier Union High School

Whittier, California


Most of the alumni of Whittier Union High School are engaged in vocational work or are attending college. Naturally they are very widely scattered. For this reason and also for lack of space, it is impossible to give a full account of each.

Class of 1923

Mrs. Chester Pearson, nee Ina Jean Peele, is residing in Whittier and attending Whittier College.

Mrs. Glenn Smith, nee Olive Shreve, is living in this city.

Harold Coward is employed in the First National Bank.

Nancy Sawin is employed by the Mutual Building and Loan Association.

Margaret Fletcher is working at Orcutt Brothers' Grocery.

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Class of 1924

Wesley Stratton and Elva Stites are married and reside in Whittier.

Helen Wilson is attending U.S.C.

Curtis Louise Field is attending Pomona College.

Dorothy Davis is working in the office of the Whittier Telephone Company.

Elsie Rogers is employed by Kelby and Lawson, attorneys in Los Angeles.

Eleanor Coppock is attending U.C.S.B.

The following members of the class are attending Whittier College:
Edythe Johnson, Walter Cummings, Arthur Hunnicutt, Doris Persing, Keith Snyder, Imogene Russell, Glenn Perry, Marjory Harris, Estalene Bailey, Lewis Pendleton, Elden Smith, Murray Tweedy, Genevieve Moller, Donald Kridler, Mary McMurray, Arlington Mills, Merton Johnson, Louise Holton, Claire Davies, Craig Knox, Marion Dawson, Howard Gillett, Addison Cole, Cecil Killingsworth, Lyle Schroeder, Karl Barmore, Robert Amsbury, Vance Kimmell, Margaret Woodard, Joe Stringfield and Mildred Dorland.

Class of 1925

Lowry McCaslin is attending U.S.C.

Dorothy Dodds and Margarett Hislop are attending U.C.S.B.

Joe Ringland, Harold Southwick, Donald Strahl, Robert McCullock and Mildred Smith are taking post graduate work in W.U.H.S.

Lester Simmons is a student at Redlands University.

The following members of the class are attending Whittier College:
Russell Adams, Lester Allison, Helen Andrews, Charles Clark, Howard Cole, Ardys Cox, Lillian French, Lester Gates, Mildred Gibbs, Helen Green, Margaret Hadley, Floy Hamlin, Anna Henderson, Leroy Houghton, Katherine King, Gertrude Kinnear, Everett Lawrence, Sara Jane Loughman, Janet McCandless, Jean McWhorter, Isobel MacKenzie, Eleanor Marshall, Carleton Milhous, Donald Oakley, Ruth Otterman, Ruth Pearson, Elbert Peelle, Penn Pickering, Marvin Pitts, Cora Robbins, Layton Rogers, Edward Ryan, Aileen Staats, Blanche Stanfield, Gladys Stevens, Ava Sullivan, John Thompson, Donald Todd, Robert Tomlinson, Stanley Trueblood, Eva Usrey, James Ward, Willard Weaver, doris Wheatland, Olive Williams, Florence Winget, and John Wright.

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