Whittier, California


Mr. O. C. Albertson - Principal
Miss R. Pearl Ellis - Vice Principal
Miss Anna L. Hall - Dean
Mr. Earl Chapman - Dean
Miss Elberta Pease - Secretary
Miss Gertrude Wright - Bookkeeper
Mrs. Vinnie Aborn - Biology
Miss Blanche Bradshaw - Spanish
Mrs. Alta Brannon - Typing, History
Mrs. Eunice Burrows - Spanish
Mrs. Mildred Carter - English, Library
Miss Beatrice Carver - English
Mr. Wm. R. Cleveland - Head of Science Dept.
Mr. Donald Cole - Physical Education
Miss Clara Coller - Algebra, Office
Miss Lucile Conrey - English
Miss Katherine Crow - Dramatics, Oral
Mr. Donald Douglass - Head of Boys' Physical Ed.
Mr. James Dunsworth - Mathematics, Chemistry
Miss Erna Fink - English
Miss Laura Frankenfield - Head of Dramatics Dept.
Miss Vina Freeland - Spanish
Mr. Foster W. Gary - Woodshop
Miss Verna Gebhardt - General Science
Miss Ethel George - Latin, Head of Dept. of
Foreign Languages
Miss Nell Gibbs - General Science
Mr. Frederick Hanson - Mathematics
Miss Jessie Harris - Librarian
Miss Ida Heise - Head of Mathematics Dept.
Miss Helen Hoskins - English
Mr. Milo Hunt - Mathematics
Mr. Clyde Irwin - Auto Shop
Miss Margaret Jay - Domestic Art
Miss Della King - Domestic Art
Miss Ethel King - English
Miss Frances King - Biology, General Science
Mrs. Jennie Lavin - History
Miss Muriel Loveless - English
Miss Elizabeth Lowstetter - Typing, Multographing
Miss Geraldine Macdonald          - Instrumental Music
Mr. W. H. Macdonald - Instrumental Music
Miss E. Elise McGregor - English
Miss Jennie B. McGregor - Head of English Dept.
Miss Ida Lee Marks - Applied Art
Miss Grace Nelson - Physical Education
Mr. Ralph Petty - Vocal Music
Mr. Wm. A. Phelps - Mech. Drawing, History
Mr. Charles D. Poore - Physics, Chemistry
Mr. Dan Reamy - Machine Shop
Miss Margaret Reichling - Spanish
Mr. J. C. Roberts - History
Miss Hope Romani - School Nurse
Miss Mable Russell - Typing
Miss June Steck - Latin
Miss Margaret Steiner - History
Miss Kathryn Veale - English, Latin
Mr. Walter Wegner - Accounting, Typing
Mr. Fred Weiss - Accounting
Mr. Alvin C. Whitcomb - Physical Education
Miss Agnes Williams - Head of Commercial Dept.
Miss Bertha Wolin - Latin
Miss Lucile Wolin - Algebra
Miss Laura Wood - Head of Girls' Physical Ed.

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