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Glendale Union High School
Glendale, California

Alumni Notes


Lois Naudain, 1924, has joined the ranks of the married ones. She is Mrs. Kenneth Whaley.

Horace Anderson of '24 has traveled to Cambridge to attend Harvard.

"Lefty" Herman, '21, is following the career of a professor (professional?) baseball player with the Brooklyn Robins.

Fay Goods, of the class of 1926 has traveled far and wide since she left the school. She is now Mrs. Robinson, the wife of the president of the leading college in Cape Town, South Africa.

Wesley Promeroy, '25, is attending Cal-Tech.

Douglass Maitland, also of the Class of 1925, works for the Shell Oil Company

Genevieve Burr is also attending U.C.E.A. (UCLA?) She was a prominent member of the class of 1926.

Walton Andrews is a member of the staff of the Glendale News-Press. "Sparky" was an active member of the class of '26.

"Les" Lavelle, '25, as attending the U.S.C. and is prominent in athletic affairs there.

Both Leona and Evelyn Hunt of the class of '24 are before the public eye. Leona is with Fanchon and Marco and Evelyn is in the movies.

The lure of the movies has also drawn Eugene Kille into its folds.

Wallace Trau, member of the class of '26, is studying the life of a farmer at Oregon Agricultural College.

Porter Thompson, class of '26, is going to the California Christian College.

Fred Fallis, former Secretary of Assemblies, is making a nuisance of himself by selling insurance for the Title Insurance Company.

Jack Finch, of the class 1925, is also bothering people by selling life insurance.

"Dolly" Webb, with his brother Don, are making great strides in the hardware business.

Lois Webb, who bid farewell to Glendale in 1921, is now Mrs. Ben Sherwood, and resides in Los Angeles.

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