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Alumni in 1928


This year has seen the beginning of the alive Belmont Alumni Association. Heretofore it has been a name only and not a living body; now, it is an active organization whose council, consisting of officers and advisors, meets with Mr. Montgomery regularly.

The event of the year in connection with this society was the First Annual Homecoming Day held February 22, 1928. Two hundred and two graduates returned, since the national holiday made possible the retracing the well known halls to those in the universities and to those in the business world.

After the assembly, where a program was offered to the student body and guests by the talents of the former students, the alumni met in the Tritt Auditorium for the election of officers and other organizing functions. Simon Mezerow, S'27, was chosen president, while he will be supported by two girls of the same class, Margaret Gorman, vice-president, and Frances Beckwith, secretary.

Graduates who returned for the First Annual Homecome Day were:

Winter '26

Lily Apsan Philip Goldberg      Frank Riccardi
Evelyn Birwick Ian McLennan Bernice Shapiro
Robert Feder Julian Pevny Betty Waterman
Myer Freeman      Ronald Pinyan Harold Weiss
Leo Pozzo Zanzani


Dorothy Anderson Rae Ginsburg Ebbieline Maupin
Marguerite Babington      John Gleason Margaret McLaughlin
Leora Dwaide Baiz Ira Goldring Jerry Miller
Dorothy Blake Sherman Grancell Mimi Mueller
Helen Blake Abe Greenberg Albert Rothwell
Bernice Brown Barbara Hobbs Evelyn Savage
Freeman Campbell Olive Jackson Mary Frances Schrieber
Marygrace Everhart Eddie Kelsey Cecil Talney
Louise Cole Martens     


Thelma Adams Robert Holt Irmo Provera
Esther Bailey Mabel Hughes Dorothy Rosen
Jack Byers Chiyo Ishikawa Frieda Sallo
Ruth Cary Victor Johnson Sadie Sallo
Hugh Cooney Katherine Kays Theodora Sparks
Lillie Droginsky Mattie Louise Kollorohs      Donald Stewart
Max Frantzman Lillian Korn Sol Taylor
Edna Mae Goodenow      Jack MacLacklan Sterling Wells
George Grodinsky Goldie Linsky Rose Wilensky
Jennie Grodinsky Marjorie McClellan Vivian Winn
Nathan Herzberg John Millar Florence Vandenburg


Miniella Aber Aghavoni Hagopian Kenneth Nelson
Alice Beall Williard Hodges Annette Nunan
Frances Beckwith Hilda Holbert Francis Oswald
Harriet Beecher Isabel Hovey Nancy Ott
Charles Bennet Forence Imoto Marion Pazen
Harry Billman Carl Johnson Jack Petty
Eleanor Blackburn Mabel Johnson Robert Phillips
Valeria Boggs Virginia Kabisius Loris Phillips
Gilbert Brooks Alex Kaplan Angelina Pisani
George Brotemarkle Betty Kiehl Clare Ragin
Winfield Brotemarkle      Ruth Kirkman Geneva Raybold
Earl Cale Margaret Lang Gertrude Richardson
Elviner Cameron Constance Lawrence      Charles Schertle
Carl Campbell Alda Lesti Aurelia May Sellards
William Campbell Paul Light Lilian Sharp
Marie Carter Delphine Lougheed Alice Treadwell Simpson
Ruth Cary Pat Lyons Kenneth Specht
John Cotterrel Reuben Marsh Marian Taggart
William Cryer Helen McCully Marzena Tanigoshi
Virginia Davis Nellie McManus Bremond Tatum
Mary Dawley David Messenger Sergio Tremolada
Joseph Ewan Simon Mezerow Val Wiles
Alice Gagnon Helen Mount Patty Willis
Margaret Gorman Tom Murphy Hortense Willson
Ben Greenberg Elsie Muslin Helen Wray
Susan Gregory Josephine Yates


Ruthalen Arnold      Mary Ethel Jackson Clayton Richards
Violet Bayerl Frances Johnson Mary Frances Rucker
Nellie Beach Henry Kappler Martin Ruderman
Victor Boggis Ilett Korb Henry Safer
Sadie Brodkin Beulah Lane Pearl Smith
Arthur Byram Thomas Lewis Katherine Tregoning     
Emma Carter Marguerite MacKay Marjorie Walker
Emmogene Clark Janet Maclaskey Dorothy Watson
Eileen Dawley Ward McConnell Gardner Wells
Bertha Eliot Donalda McKenzie Rhoda Weyer
Ruth Epstein Norman Mitchell Agnes Wideen
Ruth Fagg Noble Moore Gertrude Wilensky
Wilmer Fitch Kenneth Newell Edna Wilson
Clara Gilmore Art Pazen Jack Wilson
Edna Greenberg Don Pruessman Dorothy Williams
Allen Hoppe Charlotte Rasmussen      George Wolfman
Hazel Huck Vernon Woolard

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