Los Angeles, California

FACULTY and ADMINISTRATION Online casino Ireland

ADMINISTRATION: Charles Barclay Moore, Principal; Edith M. Hodgkins, Girls' Vice-Principal; Joseph Madison Sniffen, Boys' Vice-Principal


ART DEPARTMENT: Alice Groocock; Gayl Hayes; Jessie D. Roberts; Rex A. Miller; Vinnie Rean Moody

COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT: Ruby L. Anderson; Raean Baltzley; Grace DeVelbiss; Mary Luella Edmonds; Jessie Graham; Pearl W. McFadden; Earl S. Parker; Blanche Preeman; R. B. Shaw; Cora A. Warner

ENGLISH DEPARTMENT: Harriet W. Allen; Mary A. Barnum; George T. Beach; May Bolton; Hugh T. Boyd; Virginia Church; Helen E. Cochran; Emma G. Conway; Russel W. Edwards; Bessie Gill; Mable F. Hahn; Frances B. Hughes; Elizabeth Lisherness; Marjorie Macdonald; Gertrude Mallory; John S. McManus; E. C. Miller; Muriel Wise; Grace L. Wolf

HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT: Margaret Anderson; Flora L. Campbell; Ruth E. English; Anna D. Robison

LATIN DEPARTMENT: Nellie S. Cronkhite; Eunice P. Griffin; R. D. Stevens

MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT: Thomas A. Dutcher; Wilmah B. Greene; W. W. Keyes; Philip A. Libby; H. Lois MacKalip; Jennie Rattner

MECHANICAL ARTS DEPARTMENT: Howard D. Allen; Carl S. Frank; G. W. Galbraith; Wilhelm T. Haglund; Harry Holredge; William G. Johnston; William Sherinyan

MODERN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT: Olive R. Browning; E. Alberta Clark; Alice H. Coffin; Florence Dunbar; Laura Merriman; Yvonne Tuleja

MUSIC DEPARTMENT: Paul W. Cheatham; Desire Gilson; Estelle Minkler; Eugenia Oliver; Madge Philbrook

PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT - MEN: Charles F. Hess; Roy C. Jellison; William G. Lopez; Francis B. McCollom; John G. Spangler; William M. Wells

PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT - WOMEN: Margaret L. Kennedy; Evelyn Nofziger; Emily R. Pipal; Susie Rominger; C. Jeannette Trich

LIBRARY: Katherine Folger; Viola Stevens

NON-CURRICULAR DEPARTMENT: Mrs. Lawton; Lillian L. Merrill

SCIENCE DEPARTMENT: Eva E. Carlquist; Edna Agnes Cocks; R. E. Gardner; Harry H. Gilbert; W. P. Gilbert; Ella M. Kennedy; M. Merl Kindy; Marcia Lange; M. S. McCully; H. H. Meyer; Charles H. O'Neal; Beryl Rapp

SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT: Elaine Anderson; Alma Louise Barber; Harry L. Colestock; Margaret B. Cuthbert; Lucille E. Derr; Russell W. Edwards; Edith M. Hodgkins; Katherine Kahley; J. B. Newell; Rose Taylor Stelter; Louise Van Camp; Minnie Wharton

OFFICE FORCE: Lola Fletcher; Marion Moore; Annis R. Zinn; Gertrude Skiff; Minnie T. Watson


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KAE 2/7/2004