Saint Mary's Academy
Los Angeles, California

Alumnae students from Saint Mary's Academy receiving degrees from Mount Saint Mary's College:

Dorothy Lieb, Davida Keppler, Mary Agnes Scannell, Mary O'Connor, Lillian May.

Alumnae students from Saint Mary's Academy attending Mount Saint Mary's College:

Class of 1926 - Charlotte Hoffman, Helen Rumsey

Class of 1927 - Anita Arnold, Bliss Hardiman, Charline Vaughan

Class of 1928 - Mary Angela Hannin, Alicia Hannin, Barbara Letts, Louise Anselmo, Eileen Nason, Helen Shubert, Mary Virginia Bryan, Paula Sullivan, Mary Malone, Betty Meade, Clare Deegan, Evelyn Hebert, Peggy Lane, Arabelle Hurlbut, Dorothy McLaughlin.

Margaret Pryor is attending the University of Iowa.

Lenore Rodriguez is now residing in Mexico.

Kathleen Francis is attending Chaffey College, which is a branch of "California," where she is taking a course in Art.

Rosa Phillips will soon be a business woman, as she is attending Woodbury's College.

Louise Thornton is employed by the Lindburg Studio.

Paula Pick, after touring Europe, settled in Texas and is now attending the University there.

Mary Hamentine, of the class of '28, is residing at home.

Priscilla Benstead married Doctor Louis Bartosh on April 3, 1929.

Josephine Ballinger is studying interior decorating at Manual Arts.

Alice Cantwell is taking up a pre-legal course at Compton Junior College.

Florence Hall of the class of '27 is studying to be a nurse at St. Vincent's.

Lilia McDonough is employed at the Biltmore Hotel.

Margaret Minoch has accepted a position in the City Library.

Beatrice Danton is living at home in Santa Barbara.

Helen Laubacher, of the class of '27, is working in an office at Oxnard.

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