Saint Mary's Academy
Los Angeles, California


Early in the fall of nineteen hundred twenty-five, brilliant plans were being formulated in the minds of twenty-five ambitious young ladies. By heeding the well known adage, "Rome was not built in a day," the girls retained their faith and spirit in this tremendous undertaking - the organization of Mount Saint Mary's College. Online casino Ireland

With Miss Alice Wilkins as Student Body President, the young college at once began active work by adopting a constitution for Student Body Government. This first year was one of enthusiastic endeavors for the foundation of a stable, well organized institution. Whole hearted disinterestedness characterized the efforts of these pioneers upon whom fell the burden of future success.

Bright days dawned for the Sophomores. New members were added to their group, bringing new plans and ideas. It was in this year that the students presented "A Midsummer Night's Dream" for the benefit of the Scholarship Fund; although a great undertaking, the play met with unparalleled success. At the close of this important year, Miss Mary Springman, Student Body President, assisted by the charter members, succeeded in designing a becoming uniform, which was enthusiastically received by the Student Body.

In the Scholastic year nineteen hundred twenty-seven and eight, Miss Davida Keppler lead the Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors through another successful period. The presentation of "The Seeker" revealed much hidden talent amidst the rapidly increasing Student Body. Although a very difficult undertaking, the girls triumphantly reached their standard - "Success." It was in this year, too, that it was decided to don caps and gown at all special occasions.

The fall of nineteen hundred twenty-eight found the first timid Freshmen at last dignified Seniors; again the able leadership of Miss Davida Keppler had lead them victorious to the final lap of their four years' race. All the hard grinding and study of the past four years had resulted in ten candidates for Bachelors' degrees: Davida Keppler, Dorothy Lieb, Lillian May, Catherine Coen, Olivia Zink, Eugenia Zink, Mary Agnes Scannel, Mary O'Connor, Virginia Thompson, and Inez Feeney. Of these, Davida Keppler, Dorothy Lieb, and Lillian May claim a distinction not to be ignored, since their record at Saint Mary's dates back to grammar school days.

St. Mary's Academy - Faculty and Student Body - congratulates Mount Saint Mary's College on the splendid success of a great undertaking.

Good wishes and happy memories go with all of you, and especially with you, Charter Members of Mount Saint Mary's College.

Mabel Nienke

Class of 1929

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