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Volume V

R. W. Wadsworth - Principal

Harriet C. Robbins - Girls' Vice-Principal
Maurice G. Blair - Boys' Vice-Principal
Louise R. Thomas - Head of English Dept.
Marjorie MacDonald        - English
Lilian C. Eby - English and Debating
Margaret Gasser - English
Nell Isbell - English
Louise Whitehead - English
Clara Belle Gregg - English
Grace Barnes - Dramatics
Florence McFadden - Oral English
Bessie E. Morse - English / Counselor
Katharine Reed - English
Frank W. Russell - Journalism
Mary Belle Lees - English
Martin Bredberg - Head of Modern Language
Bee Grabske - Spanish
Daisy M. Newby - Spanish
Dorothy Merigold - Spanish
Dorothy M. Johns - French
Anne E. Edwards - Head of Latin
Francis E. Tubbs - Latin
Marie F. Regnier - French
Louis Kolitsch - Social Science and German
Beryl J. McManus - Spanish
Helen M. Darsie - Head of Social Science Dept
Cleofa Duke - Social Science
Anne S. Phillips - Social Science
Edna S. Sawyer - Social Science
Alice K. Brees - Social Science
Catherine Briggs - Social Science
Rose Olmstead - Social Science
Portia A. Riley - Social Science
Mary H. Helms - Social Science
Mary Howell - Social Science
Clarence T. Sproull - Head of Mathematics
Stephanie Berthot - Mathematics
Mabel Thoberg - Mathematics
Jennie Davidson - Mathematics
Jane W. Smith - Mathematics
Henry Johnson - Mathematics
Harold Alley - Mathematics / Attendance
Lowell C. Frost - Head of Science Dept.
Herbert Aigner - Science
Marguerite Brinegar - Science
Marion Whedon - Science and Mathematics
W. A. Hudnutt - Science
W.O. Bullock - Science
William Morrison - Science
Ben S. Colf - Science
Leo Coombs - Music
Evelyn Guernsey - Head of Music Dept.
Elizabeth Champion - Music
William Hartshorn - Music
Mildred Davidson - Commercial
Douglass Westin - Commercial
Delphine Tubman - Head of Commerce Dept
Florence McMahon - Commerce
Vyvienne Sage - Commerce
Susan M. Flett - Commerce
Dulcie Donovan - Head of Home Economics
Edith Fraiberg - Home Economics
Francis Brandriff - Home Economics
Dorothy Hughes - Home Economics
Florence Crosby - Physical Education
Martha Blackwelder - -
Ruth E. Hermle - Physical Education
Charlotte Messinger - Physical Education
Alleene Tate - Physical Education
Edward Sandys - Physical Education
William Morehouse - Physical Education
James Pursell - Physical Education
Jerold Marvin - Physical Education
Tom R. Wilcox - Physical Education
Charles Wells - Print Shop
Sinclair Dowey - Wood Shop
Edward D. Triolo - Auto Shop
Donald Futhey - Auto Shop
George Des Rochers - Mechanical Drawing
Elladora Hudson - Art
Isaac E. Mansell - Head of Art Dept.
Ethel Wardrop - Art
Janet Bennett - Home Nursing
Margaret F. Glassey - Librarian
Myrna E. Thompson - Assistant Secretary
Irene Mason - Book Clerk
Sadie Patrick - Attendance Office
Jeanne Scott - Secretary
M. D. Williams - Business Office

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