Long Beach, California


Contributed by Peggy DeHoog

"To William L. Stephens, Superintendent of City Schools, who for twenty years has held before the youth of Long Beach the ideal of perfection of mind, body, and spirit, Caerulea offers appreciation."

David Burcham, Principal Mary E. Johnson, Social Studies
James C. Peniwell, Vice Principal Ernest A. Just, Physical Science
Miss Evelyn Lofland, Dean of Girls Florence M. Kimball, Latin
Frank G. Reid, Registrar Lyle D. Kinnear, Physical Education
Jane L. Fox, Counselor Violet Dora Lacy, Physical Education
Miss Nellie Haddock, Assistant Counselor Mary Alice Lamb, Modern Language
Chloe C. Anderson, English Orian M. Landreth, Physical Education
Edna E. Anderson, Librarian Rose Lawhon, Mathematics
Ethel Peyton Babcock, Social Studies Carol M. Lewerenz, Art
Norman Baker, Physical Education Paul A. Lichti, Biological Science
Mrs. Lora Rinehart Barr, English Deca Lodwick, Mathematics
Levantia Bartlett, English Elizabeth Lodwick, Commercial
Walter W. Bell, Physical Education Stella V. Lunn, Home Economics
Lena Pearl Bennett, Home Economics Robert R. Lynn, Industrial Arts
Meta B. Bergen, Commerical Helen Douglas Macartney, Music
Mrs. Bernice Bierbaum, Modern Language           Mrs. Margaret D. MacIntosh, Commercial
Oleta Bigelow, Commercial William V. McCay, English
Edward S. Brainard, Industrial Arts Ada McClellan, Mathematics
Lillian V. Breed, Dramatics Edwin W. McClun, Commerical
Gertrude I. Buchanan, Commerical Mrs. Effie McCullough, Commerical
Winnie Bucklin, Librarian Edith D. Mattoon, English
Mrs. Mary B. Buerger, Modern Language Roy E. Mealey, Social Studies
Henry F. Bullard, Industrial Arts Adelaide M. Miner, Social Studies
Helen G. Burke, Social Studies Demerris Moon, Home Economics
Charles R. Church, Physical Education Raymond Moremen, Music
Mrs. Martha L. Coats, Biological Science Josephine Moulton, English
Albert W. Comfort, Physical Education Mrs. Elizabeth M. Munroe, Home Economics
Edna R. Cooper, English George F. Murray, Industrial Arts
C.E. Cresmer, Industrial Arts Floyd nelson, Industrial Arts
Emma Marie Dahlen, English Cecile I. Norton, English
Mertie Davis, Commerical Ralph E. Oliver, Commercial
Dwight S. Defty, Music C.F. Peck, Physical Science
W.L. Detrick, Physical Education Sara E. Pepple, Music
Wilbur F. Douglass, Biological Science Fanny Peters, Physical Education
Lela F. Douthart, English Albert T. Piggott, Industrial Arts
Alice G. Farnsworth, English Eleanor Gertrude Pooley, English
C.E. Farrand, Physical Science Marie Maples Preston, English
Mabel E. Fergus, Social Studies Edgar H. Price, Social Studies
Albert B. Fincher, Mathematics W.P. Rankin, Physical Science
Ruth E. Foster, Art Lura C. Rau, English and Latin
Gertrude Frame, Physical Education Josephine Reardon, Physical Education
Claude R. Freeman, Industrial Arts Theodore Reddick, Biological Science
C. Howard French, Social Studies Elva M. Richards, Home Economics
John J. Frisch, English Mildred E. Ritchie, English
William Fuston, Mathematics Mary E. Robb, Mathematics
Elva Gates, Physical Education Mrs. Lucy M. Rolin, French
Anthony F. Gill, Music Alma A. Scheel, Commercial
Mrs. Ruth Gilmore, Physical Education Ethel A. Scott, Commercial
Arthur B. Gleditzsch, English Charles F. Seymour, Social Studies
G. Keith Graves, Industrial Arts Mary Shouse, Music
Howard B. Gray, Biological Sciences Forrest A. Smith, Commercial
B. H. Griffin, R.O.T.C. V. Smith, Physical Science
W.C. Guthrie, Commercial Russel E. Sprong, Social Studies and Commercial
Leva Margaret Handy, Social Studies Effie Stevenson, Commercial
Kathleen Harnett, Social Studies Anna Bell Taber, Modern Language
Mabel R. Harrison, Social Studies Mrs. Helen M. Taylor, English
Mrs. Ruth Adair Hazelet, Mathematics Grace M. Thomas, Physical Education
Kathleen Head, Health Advisor Rolland S. Thomas, Industrial Arts
Mrs. Rose Cranston Hess, Mathematics Lois M. Thompson, Modern Language
Mrs. Marian H. Higgins, Music George R. Tracy, Physical Science
Dorothy G. Hims, Physcial Education John Turk, Industrial Arts
Mrs. Helene F. Hitchings, English Richard D. Vermilya, Commercial
Helen Hoff, Art Mrs. Ruth B. Wallace, Biological Science
Mrs. Frances Holder, Commercial Richard C. Wilson, Industrial Arts
Carol F. Hovious, English Lou A. Woodcock, Physical Education
B.B. Hyer, R.O.T.C. Edith Martina Wyant, Music
Grace E. Irvin, Study Hall Jessie Wyant, Commercial
Mrs. Alma Helen Jaeger, English Malcolm L. Yeary, Modern Language
Arthur R. Jamison, English Minnie Younge, Biological Science
Lewis H. Jamison, Modern Language E. Ruth Zieler, Art
John H. Johnson, Industrial Art Walter Lesh, Physical Science

Department and Office Assistants

Mrs. Pauline Chase, Attendance Clerk
Mrs. Betty Elmore, Cler, Counselor's Office
Mrs. Nellie Evans, Custodian and Clerk Girls' Gymnasium
Edna Jewell, Secretary to the Principal, Vice Principal, and Dean of Girls'
Mrs. Harriette Kappler, Switchboard Operator
Esther Kellogg Clerk, Principal's Office
Mrs. Ruth Kidwell, Assistant Registrar
Penelope Lymburner, Textbook Clerk
Lavelle Miles, Clerk,Offices of Registrar, Vice Principal and Dean of Girls
Katharyn Payne, Accompanist, Girls' Gymnasium
Helen Rudge, Clerk, Registrar's Office
Vivian Seton, Assistant Adviser Student Body Store
Mrs. Jessie Taylor, Library Clerk
Mrs. Henrietta Trafton, Attendence Clerk
Jack Galbraith, Assistant Advisor, Student Body Store