Annual Publication of the
Associated Students of
Glendale Junior College
Glendale, California



Charles A. Nelson - Director
Gerald N. Allen, A.B., A.M. - English
James P. Beasom, A.B., A.M. - Speach
O. Howard Caya, A.B. - Art
William A. Burr, B.S. - Physical Education
Marguerite V. Fox, A.B., Diploma of French Literature, University of Bordeaux - French
Florence M. Bonhard, A.B., A.M. - French
H. H. Crawford, B.S. - Aviation, Mathematics
Helen W. Cox, B.S. - Physical Education
Mary Jane C. Farner, A.B., A.M. - English
Charles H. Harrington, A.B., A.M. - Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics
Burgoyne L. Griffing, A.B., A.M. - Physics
William M. Hamilton, B.S., A.M. - Dramatics, English
Leroy T. Herndon, A.B. - Spanish, Stagecraft
Ralph L. Johns, A.B., A.M., B.D. - Psychology, Philosophy
John E. Kienle, A.B., A.M. - Social Sciences
Liborius Hauptmann, Graduate Conservatory of Music in Vienna - Music
Ernest W. Hawkes, A.B., A.M., Ph. D. - Zoology, Astronomy
Eva I. Jernigan, A.B., A.M. - Social Sciences
William C. D. Kerr, A.B. - French, Spanish
Florenze K. Mane, A.B., A.M. - Commerce
Clement D. Meserve, A.B., A.M. - Geology, Mathematics
C. Leslie Nichols, B.S., M.S. - Mathematics, Surveying
Winifred Page, B.S. - Physical Education, Dean of Women
Anne H. Rambo, A.B., A.M. - Social Sciences
Edward T. Ruenitz, B.S. - Commerce
May E. Murphy, A.B., A.M. - English
Loyd S. Noble, A.B., LL.B. - Commerce
Irene M. Pattison, B.M. - Music
Esther Ramont, A.B. - Librarian
Florence M. Shelly, A.B., A.M. - Chemistry
Donald V. Spagnoli, A.B., A.M. - Registrar, Social Sciences
Park L. Turrill, A.B., B.S., A.M. - Chemistry
Emma M. Ueland, B.S., A.M. - Social Arts
Sam A. Tenison, B.S. - Physical Education
Lillian E. Thompson, A.B. - Commerce
Herman H. Wiebe, A.B., A.M. - German
Elmer T. Worthy, A.B., J.D. - Social Sciences, Dean of Men

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