Anaheim, California

J. A. Clayes Principal
Bella J. Walker Girls' Vice-Principal
L. Frank Kellogg Boys' Vice-Principal
Marguerite C. Angus English
Ethel J. Caverley English
Mary Foreman English and Publications
Dora Gene Golder English
John B. Kennedy English and Publications
Myrtle H. Owens English
Jessie N. Seward English
Faye Kern Schulz Dramatics
D. F. Lehmer Commercial
Kathleen McFaul Commercial
Yetta V. Alden U. S. History
Mary F. Callahan Social Science
Paul H. Demaree History
Olive M. Potter History
Chas. H. Rinehart Social Science
Deane Sue Russell Social Science
Lois Dyer Spanish
V. Virginia Huff Spanish
Marion Utter French and Latin
Madge W. Sproull Study Hall and German
Alice Bate White Study Hall and Substitute
Ruth Cull Smith Librarian
Velda M. Barnes Mathematics
Olive Cocke Mathematics
Marjorie Pibel General Mathematics
George Hedstrom Chemistry and Photography
Lova Holt Biology and Botany
Minnie R. Spicer Science
Harry L. Burden Mechanical Drawing
A. Phillip Le Tourneau Machine Shop
Lloyd S. Ross Printing
J. L. Van der Veer Wood Shop
Ruth A. Moore Home Economics
Verna E. Rigdon Home Economics
Richard M. Glover Physical Education
Richard Ryan Physical Education
Linda V. Huggins Physical Education
Mary Jane Van Booven        Physical Education
Helene Ehlers Music
Katherine Potter Music
J. W. Williams Music
Claude Taylor Printing Department
Dorothy Peck Secretary to Principal
Mildred Schafer Attendance Clerk
Fay Stanley Scholastic Records
Frieda Yorde Assistant to Secretary
W. D. Junkin Truant Officer

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KAE 6/12/02