Anaheim, California

June 1937

Faculty and Administration

J. A. Clayes, Prinicpal and District Superintendent; Bella J. Walker, Vice-Principal and Head of the English Department; Yetta V. Alden, Social Living; Ethel Caverley, Social Living; Mary P. Foreman, English; Dora Gene Golder, English; John B. Kennedy, English and Publications; Myrtle H. Owens, English; Jessie N. Seward, English and Social Science; Faye Kern Schulz, Dramatics and Girls' League Advisor; Marguerite C. Utter, English; Ruth Cull Smith, Librarian.

Mary F. Callahan, Social Science; Paul H. Demaree, History; Olive Potter, History; William V. Rickel, Social Science; Charles H. Rinehart, Social Science; Deane Sue Russell, Social Science; D. F. Lehmer, Commercial; Cathleen McFaul, Commercial; Mason Henry, Commercial, German and Latin; Velda M. Barnes, Mathematics; Olive Cocke, Mathematics; Marjorie Pibel, Mathematics.

Laura Gene Frantz, English, Botany, Physiology; C. George Hedstrom, Chemistry, Photography; Harold W. Hollinger, Mathematics, Radio and Biology; L. Frank Kellogg, vice-Principal, Physics, Mathematics; Minnie R. Spicer, Science and Mathematics; Wm. Daniel Everhart, Agriculture; Lois K. Dyer, Spanish; V. Virginia Hugg, Spanish; Marion E. Murman, Latin and French; A. Helene Ehlers, Music; Katherine Potter, Music; J. W. Williams, Music.

Ruth A. Moore, Home Economics; Dorothy D. Powell, Home Economics; Verna E. Rigdon, Home Economics; Edith M. Weber, Art and Costume Design; Madge W. Sproull, German, French and Study-Hall; Alice Bate White, Study-Hall and Naturalization; Harry L. Burden, Mechanical Drawing; Volney E. Hawley, Auto Shop; A. Phillip LeTourneau, Machine Shop; Lloyd S. Ross, Printing; J. L. Van der Veer, Wood Shop.

Richard M. Glover, Physical Education; Richard Ryan, Physical Education; Linda H. Koesel, Physical Education; Mary Jane Van Booven, Physical Education; Elsie C. Burrman, Accounting; D. William Davis, Accounting; Frieda Gay, Secretary - Bookkeeper; Elva M. Hamler, Attendance Clerk; Dorothy Peck, Secretary to Principal; Fay Stanley, Registrar; W. D. Junkin, Truant Officer.

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