FACULTY and ADMINISTRATION Online casino Ireland

Los Angeles, California


Dr. Remsen D. Bird - President
Dr. Robert G. Cleland - Dean of Faculty
Vernon Bollman - Chariman, Men's Interests Committee
Bertha S. Davis - Director, College Union
Florence N. Brady - Registrar
Howard S. Gates - Alumni Secretary
Laurence R. Cook - Director, Public Relations
Raymond J. Gough - Graduate Manager
Elizabeth J. McCloy - Head Librarian
Fred F. McLain - Comptroller
Julia A. Pipal - Acting Dean of Women
Rice B. Ober - Supervisor, Student Aid, Employment
Howard Swan - Director, Thorne Hall
Evelyn Wilson - Secretary to the Registrar
Charlotte Van Etten - Secretary to the Dean of Women
Dorothy Martin - Cashier
Barbara Caler - Secretary, Music Department
Olive Hutchison - Secretary to the President
Dorothy Young - Secretary, Student Aid, Public Relations
Dwight Hughes - Assistant to the Accountant
William E. Block - Accountant
Alma Whitehill - Dept. of Education, Appointment Office
Janet Holt - Secretary to the Comptroller
Dorothy McLaughlin - Recorder
Marjorie Bowen - Secretary to the Dean of the Faculty
Harold Hare - Superintendent of Buildings


Charles Alexander - Mathematics
Gilbert Brighouse - Psychology
E. E. Chandler - Chemistry
Robert Fitch - Philosophy, Religion
Osgood Hardy - History, Political Science
Walter E. Hartley -Music
Harry Kirkpatrick - Physics
Charles F. Lindsley - Speech
Hugh S. Lowther - Languages
James H. Sinclair - Education
Frank J. Smiley - Geology, Biology
Benjamin F. Stelter - English
J. Donald Young - Art
John Parke Young - Economics

Henry Allen William Anderson
Joseph Batcheller William C. Bell
Jasper G. Bickley Vernon Bollman
C. Reed Brantley Albert Croissant
George M. Day C. Pardee Erdman
John Espey Hazel Field
William D. Fuller Morrison Handsaker
Caroline Hodgdon Percy H. Houston
Ernestine Kinney Lucie I. Lawson
Lawrence Ligget George McCune
Raymond McKelvey Lois Messler
Broadus Mitchell Georges Nivon
J. A. Pipal George Samerjan
James Wortham George W. Zinke
Siegried Scharbau Raymond Selle
Louise Stone Howard Swan
Ethel Taylor Guy A. Thompson
Onestus Uzzell Kurt Baer von Weisslingen

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