Woodrow Wilson High School
Los Angeles, California

Class of 1941

"We, the Winter Class of 1941, were the third class to graduate from Wilson. Although we were a small group, the high spirit of the 'Cadets' prevailed throughout a snappy semester. Our officer and honor students were not only the leaders of our class, but of Wilson's student body as well. Doreen Young was girls' vice-president and president of the Girls' League. Jerome Mill was student body president for the winter semester. For his outstanding qualities of scholarship, leadership, citizenship, and character, 'Jerry' was selected as the W'41 Ephebian. John Schiada, gym-club star, received the semi-annual award offered by the El Sereno Chamber of Commerce for sportsmanship, leadership, citizenship, and scholarship. Tradition setters all, our color assembly, prom, and senior breakfast were the senior activities of their kind at Wilson."

Jack Grant - President
Marjorie Craig - Vice-President
Claude Cooper - Treasurer
Agnes French - Secretary
Jerome Mill - Honor Student
Shirley Clough - Honor Student
Peggy Mayer - Honor Student
Arleen Roberts - Honor Student
Dorris Stocker - Honor Student
Doreen Young - Honor Student

Leland Asnon Elaine Kimbrough
Neil Bailey Dorothy Klier
Barbara Dean Maxine Magers
Eugene Diegal Irwin Rosenhouse
Paul Echabarne Sam Scarfina
Charles Enz John Schiada
Josie Gibbs David Schooley
Katherine Hull Ruth Shelton
Robert Hummel Richard Stoner
Doris Jenkins Jean Velzy
Helen Kaufman Barbara Watts

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